4 Universal Procrastination Myths

Procrastination is what a lot of people deal with on a daily bases. Whether you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, an online freelancer, a work at home person in general or perhpas somebody who is just trying to learn how to make money online, you probably had to deal with procrastination at one point or another. You don’t need to be told procrastination kills productivity. We all know that and we all try not to procrastinate. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to beat procrastination. Procrastination is stronger than that.

Procrastination is so strong that many of us come up with any kind of explanations and reasons for putting off work that needs to be done now. Of course, those excuse are anything but actual facts, they are simply myths. And if you want to make money online with your home based business, you need to avoid these myths. Amongst all the myths related to procrastination, a few are used and believed by almost all procrastinators. Those few procrastination myths are:

I’ll do it tomorrow

The number one favorite sentence of procrastinators, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Bad news, you will never get to that “tomorrow” because when tomorrow comes, it becomes today!

Don’t put off your tasks, get them done now, so when tomorrow rolls around, you can have time for another project or perhaps to do something fun.

We all heard this famous quote; “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow”. Write it on a piece of paper, place it near your work desk. Every time you find yourself saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”, take a look at it and realize tomorrow is actually today!

I Work better under pressure

This tip came from Satrap of http://blogstash.com. I myself deal with this myth a lot. You are working on a project. Your deadline is in about 4 days, but instead of working on the project and trying to get it done as soon as possible, you keep putting it off, telling yourself “I work much better and more efficient when I am under a lot of pressure, so its best for me to wait until last few hours, then I can do an even better job”. Of course, when the deadline arrives, you find yourself making excuses and explaining to the client why you weren’t able to meat the deadline.

Better performance under pressure is just a myth. The truth is we perform a lot better in a relaxed state of mind. The less stress you have to deal with, the more you can focus on the task at hand which enables you to achieve the best results possible.

It’s not the right time

This is procrastination it its worst; telling yourself “I am waiting for the right time to get it done”! The fact is, the right time to get a project that needs to get done now, is now!

I need at least 5 hours with no interruption

This is procrastination in disguise. I can’t get it done in 1 hour, so I am just gonna wait for when I have 5 hours so I can finish the whole thing. With our busy lives, most of us will probably never have a 5 hours uninterrupted window of time to focus on one task. You will be waiting for a long time.

Instead of waiting for that 5 hours, why not use the 1 hour you have now to get part of that big project done so you will only need 4 hours to complete the project. Do this any time you can and before you now it you are done with the project!

How do you deal with procrastination? What are your reasons and excuses for procrastination?… Feel free to share any other myths you consider to be procrastination myths.

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