Get Paid for Taking a Survey

It is no surprise that companies spend billions of dollars every single year on market research. Having an understanding of what the market wants and needs allows companies to create products that will sell.

And one of the best ways companies get such a data is through online surveys. Paid surveys are so popular that there are hundreds of survey review sites like and out there.

Here are a few reason why online surveys are a good choice for companies:

  • Much cheaper than traditional mail surveys or focus groups.
  • Gives them a much wider demographic since people from anywhere can participate on the internet.
  • Enables them to get a bigger response rate since consumers can complete surveys at their own convenience.
  • Provides them with more accurate data since their sample group is much bigger.


How much can you get paid for taking surveys?

The amount of money you can make from surveys depends on many different things. For example, in this post titled is Swagbucks really worth it, you can see that some people do make good money with the site and some don’t. The importance and length of the survey play a big rule in just how much they are willing to pay you.

But, an average a survey that takes about 15 minutes will pay around $3. Do 5 of them a day and you have an extra $15, and that’s only if you do 5 a day.


Can getting paid for taking surveys will make me rich?

No, in all honesty, you will never be able to get rich as a survey taker. But its a great way to supplement your income.


Bottom Line

The truth is that paid surveys can be a great way to earn a few extra dollars. But sadly, there have been so many scams that most people now think of all survey sites as scams.

That said, there are many legit survey panels out there. Join a few and get paid for your opinion.

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